I am glad to welcome you to the website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic.


The main goal of our agency is to protect the population and territories from emergency situations of natural and man-made character and, as an executive state body in this field, the Ministry has carried out tremendous work in achieving its main goal – saving human lives that are priceless in all senses of this word.

At the present moment, one of the priority areas of the Ministry’s work is preventing the risk of occurrence of emergency situations. As it is known, by spending a small amount of resources on prevention, one can really economize on emergency response. With the aim of implementing this task, a joint project on “Disaster risk management” is being carried out by the MES KR, the World Bank and other financial organizations within the framework of creating and developing a Unified Information and Management System in the Kyrgyz Republic. In a few words, the Unified Information and Management System is intended to automatize the work of agencies that implement their activities as part of the State System of Civil Defense. In addition to this, with the aim of increasing the effectiveness and optimizing work of the its staff, the Ministry has begun work on creating fire rescue formations. It is encouraging that this is only a part of all planned activities, many of which have been completed, but much remains to be done.

We understand that all our efforts are useless without a sufficient level of interaction, cooperation and information sharing with the population of the republic. It is no news to anyone that in the age of automatization and innovative technologies it is impossible to achieve set goals without an informational component. And the next step on the way to interacting with the people in the republic is an update of the website, where you can find answers to all questions of interest to you, leave your suggestions on improving the work of the agency, and thus, without even noticing it, make a priceless contribution to saving hundreds and even thousands of human lives.

I call upon you to not to be indifferent, not to stay away from the troubles of others, but to assist the work of the Ministry in every way. It is very important to understand that only in unity can we resist and, most significantly, prevent emergency situations.

Peace to you and to your home!



Sincerely yours,


Minister of Emergency Situations

of the Kyrgyz Republic                                                                           N.Mirzahmedov


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Behavior rules in emergency situations

  • FIRE

    Fires are flames that have gone out of a human being’s control. Fire starts when the temperature of a material’s ignition turns out to be lower than the temperature of the heat source. Among the most common causes of fire, the following can be noted: carelessness of people, defects of electric or heating appliances, self-ignition, lightning, a large number of electric appliances connected to one socket, etc.


    An earthquake is one of the scariest and devastating natural occurrences. They happen in the so-called seismoactive regions of the Earth. One of such regions is the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.


    High water is a significant flooding of an area as a result of an increase in the water level in a river, lake during the period of snow melting, rainstorms, wind seiches, in case of blockages, ice jams and so on.


    Landslide – is a downward drift of loose rock under the influence of gravity, especially when lose material is saturated with water. It is one of the forms of a disaster.


    A mud stream (mudflow) is a rapid stream flow from a mixture of water and rock debris that appear suddenly in basins of small mountainous rivers. Translated from Arabic, the word ‘sel’ means ‘torrential flow’. Imagine a furiously churning wave the height of a five-story house that rushes along the gorge with the speed of an express train, breaking down centuries-old trees and easily moving boulders weighing many tons. The most powerful mudflows usually happen in June, when the hot sun intensively melts glaciers and millions of tons of water accumulate in moraines – giant accumulations of rock debris deposited by a glacier. If a moranic lake situated at an altitude of 3000 - 3500 meters above sea level breaks out, a chain reaction begins: a mud and rock flow emerges, that sweeps down and constantly increases in volume and strength.


    An avalanche is a snow mass that has slipped from a mountain slope and is moving under the force of gravity. It drags along more and more masses of snow on its way.


    Rain storms are the cause of the most common disaster type – floods – and therefore incur the main economic damages.


    A flood is a significant flooding of an area resulting from an increase in water level of a river, lake or sea during the period of snow melting, rain showers, wind seiches, in case of blockages, ice jams and so on.

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